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Sir/Mam, Greetings !!! At the Outset We would like to introduce ourselves as an exclusive distributor of Life Ionizers in India. Life Ionizer is world leading Alkaline Ionizer brand with its presence in more than 23 countries. Life Ionizers comes with latest technologies such as Max Plates and Max Power. This is the introduction of our new Next Generation LIFE M-Series water ionizers.  These new M-Series XL models make the most powerful antioxidant alkaline water ever made by a home water ionizer which shows our commitment to water purity. We offer best alkaline water ionizers at the best price. We have following models of Water Ionizers basically used in Home & Office 1.Life Ionizers MXL 5 Next Generation Water Ionizer (2017 Model) 2.Life Ionizers MXL 7 Next Generation Water Ionizer (2017 Model) 3.Life Ionizers MXL 9 Next Generation Water Ionizer (2017 Model) 4.Life Ionizers MXL 11 Next Generation Water Ionizer (2017 Model) 5.Life Ionizers MXL 13 Next Generation Water Ionizer (2017 Model) 6.Life Ionizers MXL 15 Next Generation Water Ionizer (2017 Model) We are enclosing detail about our Life Ionizers models to enable you to choose according to your requirements. Also enclosed booklet of health benefits of alkaline water. If you have any question, please feel free to write us at or contact us at mobile no. 9779296200 For more information please visit us at . Regards Team, Life Ionizers INDIA
We the Distributors in Punjab for Alkaline Ionizer , A Prime Water Revolution with Max Large 13 Plates Electrodes Strong Multi Level Electrolysis Chamber Max powerful 450 Watts Smart SMPS System.